大森 慶宣Yoshinobu Omori




大森 慶宣


I am one stroke artist. I have been drawing lines and pictures. Line is my passion. I want to know who I am. I want to see my heart and know where it is, because we can’t see our hearts itself. So I keep drawing pictures to put my heart into visible lines and explore myself.
The reason why I draw things with one line is that it’s easier for me to convey my feeling and imagination onto a paper as directly as possible. I move my hand and draw continuous lines with following my passion and desire without thinking and hesitation. Because I want to draw lines with my heart not head. From the line I can see the sequence of my conscious. Then I analyze and appreciate it to know myself more than before.
Life is art. Life is the great adventure of discovering yourself. Everyone is the artist of their life. When you draw the real picture of your life, no one tells you what to draw , where to go, and which color and material to use. That is why you have to know about yourself.
Hope you enjoy my record of self exploration and traveling the space in our heart.

Yoshinobu Omori


Yoshinobu Omori is an Artist based in Ishikawa Prefecture Japan. He was born in the small town of Anamizu on the Noto Peninsula of Japan. Yoshi is best known for his one stroke drawings which have received attention from media and buyers. Yoshi first began to make one line art whilst studying art in Illinois college, United States. He always challenges himself and tries to expand the possibilities of his line art. His line works are made with not only using pen but single wire, his body, paintings, VR, and tablet. His unconventional style has amazed many people.